Anyone can develop a mental illness, even if their lives are stable and down-to-earth. There can be changes in motivation, sleep, or one’s zest for life – sometimes out of the blue, but sometimes as a response to separation, the death of someone close, or conflicts in the workplace.

There may be anxieties that block one’s enthusiasm and reduce one’s self-confidence. It may become very difficult to make decisions. These changes can often quickly affect one’s private or working life – sometimes with serious consequences.

Our specialist competences include the diagnosis and therapy of numerous mental illnesses:

Anxiety or phobias. These can feel like a shackle, and can restrict the radius of one’s personal activities.

Burnout. This is often caused by changed working conditions, an increased workload, lack of appreciation. It becomes almost impossible to recover from the burden.

Depression. The thoughts of depressive people revolve around the negative, it is difficult to think positively. This affects many aspects of life, as do bipolar affective disorders – because the ups and downs start preventing normal everyday life.

Physical illnesses. These can affect everyday life so seriously that a mental illness can also develop.

Personality disorders. This is when particular character traits and behaviour patterns lead to recurring conflicts in interpersonal relationships.

Psychosomatic illnesses. Sometimes no physical explanation can be found for the illness, despite numerous examinations. The pain and restrictions, however, continue.

Sleep problems. They soon lead to everything in life revolving around the lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep, and the day becomes a burden.

Schizophrenia. This particularly seriously impairs the life of young people. It may also be problematic to have to live with medication for many years.

Obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD). They firmly establish themselves in one’s thoughts and actions, repeating constantly and causing torment. This has a very negative affect on one’s everyday life.