Every therapist has specific psychotherapy training, as can be seen in their CV. Whereby elements of the major psychotherapeutic schools of thought (behavioural therapy, depth psychology, analytical) are involved and may overlap.

Medicinal support may well be necessary, but is only undertaken after careful consideration and always in consultation with our patients. Those who are being treated by delegated psychologists always undergo medical treatment in consultation with a medical therapist.

We have an open mind about complementary (alternative) therapies, such as mindfulness training, acupuncture, breathing therapy, etc.

Because mental illnesses do not respect age, our practice also specialises in geriatric psychiatry and geriatric psychotherapy, among other things.

We are now living longer thanks to medical progress and the increasing self-care of the elderly. This, however, does not automatically mean a high quality of life during this period.

When we age we worry about different things than when we were younger: we suffer physical illnesses, feel alone, and may no longer be able to live independently. And mental illnesses that appeared when one was younger do not simply disappear with age.

Specialised psychotherapeutic support is necessary in order to be able to cope with these restrictions.

The owner of the practice, Dr. Sibylle Süss, is also a qualified neurologist. We want to make this knowledge available so we can offer therapy to neurologically ill persons who are already receiving neurological treatment but also suffer from, for example, depression that requires treatment.